Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Intricacy Lace Edging

Throwback to the time last year when I designed my own lace trim and posted the pattern, calling it Intricacy Lace Edging

This trim adorned a dress that I still wear today - I love how the lace moves and flows.

The other day, I decided to dig up this pattern and make some more trim to spruce up a tank top I have. Good thing I did - this pattern had a few typos! At any rate, this trim is now being crocheted in a warm brown bamboo thread. 

One of these days I am going to buy myself a sewing machine and start upcycling more clothes the easy way. Right now everything I want to make has to be sewn by hand! I don't know about you, but this isn't colonial times and I'm definitely not Betsy Ross.

Have any special springtime projects you're working on? Tell me about them in the comments! I'd love to see and hear all about them!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

4 Spring Crafts and Projects

The birds are singing, a green mist is stealing over the trees, and little flowers are blooming everywhere. Spring is here! I collected these projects for you.

omg this is amazing, because those lights with the round orby things are like, 10x as much as string lights

1/ DIY Cafe lights - I have seen this idea before, just using plain white string lights. Either will do! Imagine draping these across your porch or deck for a warm spring evening dinner, or hanging them in a bedroom. The ping-pong balls soften the bright lights and add a touch of luminous magic wherever you put them.

DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

2/ DIY Coffee Filter Flowers from Just Bella. Love them! These are on my roommate's wedding decor list.

P.S.-I made this...Crystal Cage Chandelier  #PSIMADETHIS #DIY @Sarah Kachevas Cord Company

3/ This one is from P.S. I Made This, and I love it. I want to make these. If I lived in one of those cool NYC lofts, I'd make a bunch to hang from the ceiling.

Make-a-Nature-Wall-Art-on-Canvas-for-you.jpg 400×1,600 pixels

4/ DIY Nature Wall Art. I suppose this one is pretty basic, but the possibilities are endless. Grab some 'souvenirs' on your next walk and decorate a canvas! I may actually do this with some dogwood blossoms.

Hope this little collection brought you some inspiration - springtime is one of the best times to be creative.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Peek: Illustrator Project + Little Owl

Wanted to share with y'all my progress on an Illustrator project I've been working on. In one of my Skillshare classes, we're supposed to recreate an old advertisement using the techniques we learn in Illustrator. I chose this art deco ad from the 1930s:

Cool, right? This is my progress so far.

The colors aren't quite right yet, and LOTS of grading and other things will have to be done to it that I haven't learned yet. Love Skillshare! I'm learning so much with these classes.

A little side project is this tiny owl. Isn't he cute?

I drew and painted him last night. I want to try digitizing him using my newfound Illustrator skills.