Monday, September 29, 2014

Yellow Knitted Tam

It's funny how ideas evolve over time. I first wanted to make something like this hat when I watched Hugo, and then again when I watched Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. In Hugo, the girl selling flowers had the cutest beret - not too floppy, with just enough puff to be a beret. In Salmon Fishing, Emily Blunt wore a lovely slouchy gray beret in one scene. I tried recreating the gray one, but ended up with more of a beanie instead. I was still happy with the results, though, and so the Greystone Hat was born.

Then I decided to make a tam for real, and the results turned out more like the Hugo hat. I love it! I soaked it in cold water and stretched it over a dinner plate to give it a bit more give. I might do it again, just to stretch it out a little more.

This photo shows my little pallet backdrop a bit more. I love it!

Anyway -you can download the pattern for $5.00 now or view details on the Ravelry page.

(If you'd rather, the tam itself is available for purchase in my Etsy shop!) 

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