Saturday, January 31, 2015

Watercolor Flower Tutorial

Today I'm painting a simple watercolor flower to brighten up a corner of my room. I'm thankful for bits of color in the dead sleeping winter landscape. Kind of have to remind myself that all the plants and trees and flowers are only sleeping, and they'll wake up into life again in the spring. 

All this to say, I wanted to share how I painted my flower. :) I usually use this method when I paint flowers or garlands - it's very simple, but looks so pretty!

You will need:
Sharpie or Micron pen
Pencil, if desired

(You can buy a wonderful field watercolor set complete with waterbrush from Sakura on Amazon for about $20 - I love my set!)

Choose a color and start painting your flower. I start from the center and paint outwards into the petals. Don't worry about shape or size, just go with it. I sound like such a free spirit - I'm actually all about the details, but painting relaxes me. ;) Also add some leaves.

Grab your Micron and start filling in the center of the flower with little circles and dots. You don't HAVE to do this, but I like the look of it - almost like a sunflower. 

Next, outline your flower. This also does not have to be uniform, and it looks even better if you draw in and out of the watercolored edges. 

Draw some varied lines out from the center to add definition.

Ta-da! Finito! (I like to pretend that's Italian for finished, but I don't think it is.)

If you like, add some pretty lettering to your painting. 'She dreams of spring' seemed to fit the situation here.

Thanks for doing this tutorial with me! If you paint some pretty flowers, I'd love to see them! Shoot me your Instagram handle or your blog link and I'll be right there. Happy Saturday!

Looking for more tutorials? Check out my blog's DIY page!


  1. That was amazing! I am really impressed. I can't draw straight lines, but I may be able to do that flower :) I'll let you know if I try. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and you're not snowed in. We are under a storm warning, but so far, no snow.

    1. Thank you! Watercolors are very forgiving because they look good even if you 'mess up' ;) No snow here yet, but we're looking at 8-12 inches tomorrow!