Thursday, February 27, 2014

Failed Project + Thrifting Adventures

Sometimes projects just don't work out.

I decided to try making a statement necklace, with a crocheted base, tiny beads sewn to it, and vintage buttons glued to it. It looked great! Then I tried finding a way to hang it from my neck, but everything I tried caused the pendant to slump forward in an unsightly gape. step-by-step photos were preemptive and are now irrelevant. Sadly. 

Then today I went thrifting! We have many, many furniture malls, antique shops and vintage malls in the area, so I picked three and headed out.

And I bought a Polaroid! It was only $7. Good thing, too - the film needed for this camera is expensive! Can't wait to try it out.


  1. Better luck next time on the necklace, but congrats on the camera! I always wanted one of those as a kid.

  2. Did you try making the crochet base curved? Looks like it would have been cute :-)

    1. I curved the bottom of it, but I didn't think of curving the top! Thanks Aimee - maybe I'll give it another shot! :)

  3. Aah! The cowboy boots caught my eye!